Malka Nedivi: Home

Film by Eric Minh Swenson.

Malka Nedivi was born in Rehovot, Israel in 1952. She is an only child to parents who survived the holocaust and emigrated from Poland. She studied Theater and literature at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and she directed plays and taught theater. In 1980 she moved to Los Angeles, CA with her husband and son to study film at UCLA. She worked as an Assistant Editor from 1987-1992 on numerous films.

Her interest in making sculptures began with ceramics in the early 90′s. She developed her ideas, which went beyond ceramics. She experimented with different materials and her figures began to take form in large scale sculptures and collage paintings on wood and canvas.

In 1996, she moved back to Israel with her family to take care of her parents as their health was worsening. Her artwork is directly inspired by this time period of dealing with her past and her parent’s unknown past. In her latest body of work , she uses the materials she found in her childhood home. Layering fabric with glue and other torn materials she creates large looming figures with metal structures, and collage paintings that come out of the canvas and the raw wood.

Her work has been featured at the Santa Monica Fine art Studios in Santa monica, CA and she has been in post-production on a feature documentary about her time in Israel. She was recently chosen as one of the ten Southern California Contemporary Artists from Israel at the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Her daughter, Karen Nedivi, worked with her on creating a video installation for the show, projected on sewn fabric.

Malka Nedivi currently lives in Los Angeles, California and continues to develop her body of work, and expressing her emotions though her art.

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